PTFE Flexible Hoses

Any fittings can be applied on this product such as male pipe, female pipe, flange,nut, ferrule and etc. Flare end is also available.

PureFlex is a world leading manufacturer of high performance Fluoropolymer and Composite products and technologies, specializes in the manufacture of fluid handling and sealing products specifically designed for chemical, pharmaceutical and ultra-pure related industries.

KatsuraTec Corp. is a general agency of Pureflex. Please contact us for inquiries for PTFE, Silicone and other Chemical hoses.

1. Corrosion resitant.
2. Wide ranges of application temperature.
3. High pressure resistance.
4. Non-stick and non porous surface.
5. Almost infinite durability against repetitive bend movement.

These features makes it possible to apply conventional piping, semiconductor, food, and sanitary industries.

Tri-Lock System

Male adaptor, female adaptor, female sqivel, flage, ferrule and other various end fittings are available. Flare thru assemblies are also available.

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ULTRAFLEX/MULTIFLEX FlexChem/SmoothFlex Chlorine Hoses
UltraFlex FlexChem CLHose