Flexible Hoses

Materials SUS304, 321, 316L, Monel, Titanium, etc are available.
Various fittings are available such as flanges, threaded fittings, etc.
Also available other types of assemblies, please contact us.

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Herical Annular Duplex UHP
Herical Tube Annular Tube Duplex Tube UHP Tube

End Fittings
Union Buttweld Union Male Female
104Union Annular Tube 30X Nipple 40X Socket
Swibel M Swivel F Non-weld M Non-weld F
20X 21X 50X NW Male 51X NW Female
Flange Stubend Flange Non-weld Flange
61X InFlange 62X Loose162X ルーズ2 70X NW Flange

Camlock Assembly Coupler Assembly
QCアセンブリ カプラーアセンブリー

Scene of flexing movement test

Based on <ISO10380>, our products have been approved by ClassNK(Nippon Kaiji-Kyokai). The video above shows a scene of testing which is repetitive movement test. Testing item is applied pressure by air and the testing machine creates parallel movement for 10,000 times.